Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day!

At Blisstree, we refuse to be held hostage by greeting card companies, candy makers, jewelry, perfume, or stuffed animals—even if it’s only once a year.

The gorgeous, bleached-toothed (and, from the looks of the trailer, two-dimensional) characters in New Line Cinema’s just-released flick “Valentine’s Day” may have love, romance, and glamour all figured out (or do they?), but we know better than to pressure ourselves and our partners into fabricating a special, perfect, romantic, Hollywood-worthy day smack in the dead of a blizzard-heavy winter.

My reality is slightly less fabulous: Our school-age kids are on winter break; we’re going on a family ski trip this weekend, and when we return there’ll be a depressing amount of laundry to do.

In the true spirit of Anti-Valentine’s Day, my husband and I will likely toast our bond in the ski lodge surrounded by throngs of screaming toddlers, bratty tweens, and sullen teenagers. (Next year I’m going to host an Anti-Superbowl party, because I don’t care about football, but do care about snacks.)

How will you celebrate Anti-Valentine’s Day? Tell us here.


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