The “No” Throwdown: A Kid’s Most Hated Word

You’re a perfect parent with perfect children. You dispense the correct amount of discipline at the exact right moments, and your offspring never, ever complain or misbehave. When your kids see a classmate having a tantrum on the playground, they ask: “Mommy, what on earth is wrong with that disturbed little boy/girl?”

Send our mini Blisstree quiz to all the imperfect moms and dads in your life who haven’t quite realized that “No” can be one of the most beautiful sounds a parent can make. (Of course, YOU don’t need to take the quiz!)

1. If you never say “No” to your children, they will grow up to be:

A. Entitled narcissists

B. Delusional narcissists

C. Plain-old narcissists

D. People who think they should be treated like royalty/celebrities

E. All of the above

2. Because your children cannot stand being told “No,” the odds of your family receiving invitations to homes without children are:

A. Very likely

B. Somewhat likely

C. Very Unlikely

D. Not so much

E. Don’t count on it

F. Both D. and E.

3. You don’t tell your children “No” because you fear this will:

A. stifle their creativity.

B. stunt their academic progress.

C. limit their future possibilities.

D. create negative energy.

E. cause an epic meltdown.

F. all of the above

4. Your friends who don’t have kids:

A. are annoyed that you never tell your kids “No.”

B. really, really want to tell your kids “No” themselves.

C. don’t like hanging out with your kids.

D. wish you would grow a spine.

E. wish you would read and heed this post.

F. all of the above

Answers: 1. E  2. F  3. F  4. F  (i.e. Probably not what you, I mean, your friends, want to hear.)


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