Guilty Pleasure: Boozin’ All By Yourself

A pint of Vanilla Swiss Almond. Three DVR’d episodes of Real Housewives. Pie for breakfast. All are respectable-enough guilty pleasures, but compared to mixing yourself a stiff cocktail on a random weeknight, they lack a certain punch.

Sure, your GP might frown on exceeding your weekly alcohol quota; your personal trainer might balk at the empty calories; and your friends may suggest AA meetings, but for me there’s no better way to decompress after work than exactly the way everyone tells you not to: drinking alone.

I’m not talking Miss Lonelyhearts mired in a scotch-soaked sadness at the corner dive bar. (But hey, no judgments!) I mean you, free of husband, kids, and responsibilities for the evening, pouring a flute of cava (around 165 calories), mixing a Manhattan (around 185 calories), or blending a frozen margarita (around 250 calories) [], and savoring as many as you damn well please while doing whatever the hell you want.

The mid-week cocktail pairs well with bubble baths, chick flicks, and Facebook-status-updating, but also will happily intoxicate you on its own.

One of my sister’s periodic guilty pleasures is baking a pan of brownies and essentially eating the entire thing herself in a day or two (her husband and kids never stand a chance), which might be okay only because she’s a serious runner.

Is it wrong to sip solo? Probably. But does it delight me during the week? Absolutely. (next up: vodka martini!)

Not to play guilty-pleasure favorites, but my sis can keep her 2,000 + calorie tray of brownies. If it’s Tuesday, I’m ready for another round.


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